Welcome to St. Hyacinth Basilica Parish

Under the administration of the Congregation of the Resurrection

Welcome parishioner, friend, visitor, traveler!

We hope you find us gracious and kind to respond to your need at this hour for we are here to serve you.

Here may you experience a touch of the divine.

If you are here for an hour of worship, for the celebration of a ceremony, may we add to the joy of this marriage, anniversary, baptism or other.

May we help to carry the pain at the death of a loved one, or whatever sorrow. May you hear Christ’s comforting words in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, hear His challenges in a homily, in the Gospel, so as to be perfected as the heavenly Father is perfect. May God grant you peace and rest while you are under our roof.

We invite you to share a gesture, a symbol of PEACE with all around you. We invite you to encounter Christ, cradle Him in the palm of your hand, rest Him on your tongue, let Him become a part of you, transform you.

When you leave us to return to your everyday life, to the streets busy with non-stop traffic, noisy, into a life of distractions and disasters, to a society and its problems, to the demands, stresses, struggles of life; carry HIM with you. You may need to step into the troubled waters of life, disappointments, separations, loneliness, take the PEACE of Jesus with you. Take HIM to your families, to friends, to all you meet along the way.

May you be inspired in this House of God; not to simply live, but to live with LOVE. May you respond to God’s call to share in HIS work.
And when the work is completed; when he will gently call you to His eternal home, may we celebrate what His RESURRECTION won for us, the beatific vision of our Father.

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