Founder’s Day for the Congregation of the Resurrection

Founder’s Day for the Congregation of the Resurrection – February 17

The Congregation of the Resurrection is a religious community of priests, permanent deacons and brothers serving in parishes and institutes in the following countries of the world: Africa, Australia, Austria, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Tanzania, the Ukraine and the United States. The Congregation is organized into three administrative provinces (Ontario-Kentucky, United States of America, and Polish) and one region (South American), with the General Headquarters located in the city of Rome, Italy.

Our religious community began in Paris, France, on February 17, 1836, under the leadership of Bogdan Janski. It developed from the social milieu of the Great Polish Exodus that followed the November Uprising in 1830, and was born from its spiritual needs. Janski became the leading lay apostle of the Polish émigrés in France. This enterprise was so successful and persevering that it led many to renew their own religious life and even to sacrifice themselves for God and others.