Easter Wishes

Beloved Parishioners and Friends of St.Hyacinth Basilica!


On the occasion of the Easter Season, to all Parishioners, Families, Friends, and Benefactors of Saint Hyacinth Community, may Risen Christ has become for you a source of hope and love, which change our hearts and converting souls.

We wish you all that these Holidays can be for you and your families a time for closest meeting, spent in a spirit of peace and mutual goodwill.

Let mercy flows from Risen Christ, who destroyed death redeemed us to eternal life, come on everyone and bestow special blessing for all…  Rejoice that Christ was resurrected from the dead, Truly Risen. … Alleluia!

For the common celebration among beloved ones our deep wishes and we keep you all in our prayers and our remembrance.

Happy Easter!

Rev. Stanislaw Jankowski,CR

CR Priests, Missionary Sisters and Staff