Give Central

Several months ago we announced a new way that we will be making available for parishioners to make their weekly donations.  We now have our account set up and are ready to go.  Give Central is like direct deposit only in reverse.  By setting up your account and logging in, your donation to the church can be made automatically. You choose if they are to be done weekly, monthly, quarterly or just once.  You also choose the amount that you will give.  In addition to the regular weekly collection, other special collections and second collections are listed.  All you need to do is type in Give Central on your computer.  Choose the Start Giving button, type in St. Hyacinth and then choose the St. Hyacinth Basilica picture.  Choose START GIVING and fill in the appropriate information and you are done. You will be able to choose that the donation be charged to your credit card or to your bank account. If you would like to set up this automatic way of donating, but are not sure how to set up your account, just come to the parish office and we will help you. If you have any questions please ask Fr. Steve.