125th Parish Anniversary

God is born, power is trembling”

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Hyacinth Basilica

More than two thousand years have passed since the coming of the Son of God. From that moment, there has been a turn in the history of the world and the history of salvation. The “new calculation of time” has been begun, and humanity looks into the future through the prism of the new reality. This new reality is the Bethlehem stable in which the Son of the Living God was born of the Virgin Mary. From this memorable moment people of all times are born and die in hope, something which is hidden in its entirety but made present in Jesus of Nazareth, whom we call the Christ.

From the memorable moment of 1894 from the first Mass at Christmas, in Avondale at St. Hyacinth, time is counted down again. Only a dozen or so Polish families who came to this place began a new story, written with hard work, sacrifice and a great passion and concern for their families and new residents coming to this area. 125 years have passed since that joyous moment.

We will gather at this year’s Christmas and we will remember many moments not only the last year, but with a warm Christmas carol and white wafer we will touch the Bethlehem crib where God will be born again for us. We will touch the memory of those who left us last year and smile heartily at those who will gather at the Christmas table. And when we come to Midnight Mass, let us sing the solemn carol “God is born, the power is trembling’, it will move the heavens and touch the heart of God and all those who for 125 years created and create this beautiful parish.

May the Good Lord, who comes into the world and is born in the hearts of believers, be for each and every one of us, the fulfillment of our deepest dreams and longings.

With assurance of prayer

Rev. Stanislaw Jankowski, CR,

The CR priests and the Missionary Sisters.