A little bit of history in preparation for the 125th Anniversary Celebration pt. 1

“It was the height of an economic depression in Chicago, a period of stagnancy in commerce and industry, and with it unemployment and poverty, that Fr. Vincent Barzynski, C.R. was complelled to establish the new parish St. Hyacinth in what was thena suburb of Chicago, called Avondale. In 1894, there were some forty families, mostly members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish who settled in the area and petitioned Fr. Barzynski to organize a church for them. Because of the depression and lack of funds, he urged the people to patiently await more propitious times, when enough capital could be gathered to begin such a venture. The element of urgency which forced Fr. Barzynski to found a new parish despite the lack of funds, was a threat of the establishment of the Independent National Church in Avondale. The “Independents” had already purchased property on Wolfram street for the independent” church. On determining that that the transaction had not been completed, Fr. Barzynski was able to acquire the property with a cash payment by using money from the Congregation of the Resurrection. Fr. Barzynski left the decision of selecting a site for the church to the people of Avondale. However, because everyone wanted the church close to their own home, it became impossible to decide on a site. In order to forestall any serious disagreements, Fr. Barzynski settled the question by offering property belonging to the Congregation of the Resurrection at the corner of Central Park and Milwaukee Avenues. Toward the end of 1894, a two-story wooden building was erected.” (To be continued)

From “The First One Hundred Years” by Rev. John Iwicki, C.R