A little bit of history in preparation for the 125th Anniversary Celebration pt. 3

The records for 1909 show a membership of 1403 families. Four masses were celebrated on Sundays, at two of which sermons were preached. During the week three masses were celebrated daily. Five organizations arose that year: the Altar Boy Society of St. Stanislaus Kostka, the Polish Women’s Alliance group called “Leszek Białay,” the Society of the Blessed Mother of God of Loretto, and the St. Louis and St. Therese branches of the Polish Alma Mater.

For 1911 the records read as follows: lots adjacent to the parish were purchased from Mr. Krystan for $2000.00; the parish numbered 1632 families; the Citizens’ Club of Thaddeus Kosciuszko, the Mariners of St. Hyacinth, and the Society of St. Anthony came into being: 112 boys and girls received solemn Communion; 346 baptisms took place, 51 marriages, and 130 funerals. In 1912, among other things Lawndale Ave. was paved costing the parish $1072.27, and an iron fence was erected around the parish possessions. Another partial payment reduced the parish debt by $4400.00. At the same time a collection of a fund for the new church was begun.

The entries for the year 1915 indicate that the parish was at last relieved of its financial obligations in this year with the payment of $6000.00 toward the parish debt and $3787.10 for the Sisters’ home. In fact there was a surplus of $9017.50 on hand. This was reserved for the new church which was expected to be built in the future. In1916 on the occasion of the canonical visitation by the Most Reverend George Mundelein, Archbishop of Chicago, 404 persons received the sacrament of confirmation. About this time, too, the property belonging to Mr. J. Kussia was purchased for the new church at a cost of $2732.17. The parish now numbered 1946 families and 178 single persons. In this year 97 boys and 110 girls received their First Holy Communion. A total of 331 baptisms, 141 marriages and 87 funerals were recorded. By 1917, there were 2100 families residing in the parish. The incumbent pastor Fr. John Zdechlik, C.R. undertook the building of a magnificent church which today stands as the present church building. (To be continued)

From “The First One Hundred Years” by Rev. John Iwicki, C.R .