Saint Hyacinth

Saint Hyacinth, was born in Poland in 1183. He was ordained a priest in Cracow. In 1217 he was sent to Rome, where he met St. Dominic, joined the Dominican Order, and received the habit from St. Dominic. He was the brother of Blessed Chester.

The carving above our altar depicts an incident of his life in Kijow. Having said Mass he was told that the Tartars had invaded the city. Quickly he seized the ciborium containing the Blessed Sacrament and was about to leave the church, when he heard: Hyacinth, you have taken my Son and you leave me behind? To his amazement the marble statue was as light as a feather as he carried it to safety across the Dnieper on to Cracow. Here he spent his last years of mission work and died in the ardor of sanctity, August 15, 1257.

(A painting of St. Hyacinth was prepared by Zukolynski for the second parish church. It was reproduced in a larger size “ as seen in the sacristy“ by Sister Stanisia in 1921. The semi relief wood carving was prepared by an unknown artist and installed on the altar in the late 20′ s.)